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Initial Consultation

Your child’s educational needs are our priority. We arrange a consultation with you to discuss your child’s skills, educational demands and goals. We then create a tutoring curriculum designed for your child using a variety of materials including school textbooks, flash cards, and worksheets. Tutoring Austin will work with your child’s teachers to make sure that the tutoring sessions reinforce the school curriculum.

Test Preparation

SAT - Tutoring Austin uses College Board approved preparation materials and full-length practice tests to help give teens a competitive edge.  Students will have a tailored SAT curriculum based on their practice test scores.

TAKS - Using the school content curriculum as a guide, Tutoring Austin will take your child through TAKS preparation one step at a time. We will use practice tests and supplemental materials to help your child confidently build his or her knowledge base.

AP Preparation - Content familiarity is key with these exams.   Preparation will include ensuring that the student is comfortable with main concepts, vocabulary, and timing through the use of AP practice tests and materials.


Tutoring takes place at the Westbank Community Library, your local library, or an agreed upon public space like a Barnes & Noble study area.


We will work with you to arrange the best schedule for your child’s needs. We have open availability to work with your child after school and on weekends during the school year, and when needed during the summer. Most students typically need tutoring for one to two hours twice a week.

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