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  • Learn the types of grammar questions that occur most frequently in the SAT
  • Essay keys to success:  Brainstorm, outline, manage your time 

Critical Reading

  • Develop vocabulary skills by learning common SAT words
  • Practice active reading strategies to confidently approach the long and short reading passages
  •  Learn several approaches to succeeding with the one-blank and two–blank sentence completion questions


  • Review the types of Arithmetic, Algebra I and II, and Geometry questions that will be on the test
  • Improve speed and accuracy on the grid-in and multiple choice questions

Test Strategy Tips

  • Become familiar and comfortable with the length of the test, the time constraints and the directions in each section
  • Learn how many questions you need to answer correctly
  • Learn how the test is scored and how the levels of difficulty vary in each section

Tutoring Austin recommends that each potential SAT student take a 90-minute partial SAT test.  The results of this test will be used to assess strengths and weaknesses and to create an individualized tutoring curriculum for the student.

SAT tutoring options include: the initial assessment, strategy and preparation for all areas of the SAT, and up to five full-length College Board practice tests.   

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