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“Beth spent a session assessing my daughter’s needs and helped us set appropriate goals. In the course of one semester, her English grade went from borderline failing to A. Beth was prepared for each session. She came not only with work, but with a smile and a positive attitude. She took time to contact my daughter’s teacher so that they could work as a team.” D.L.- Austin, TX

“Josephine has been an enormous help with Natalie. She is extremely professional, yet is able to connect with Natalie to be able to challenge her appropriately. You have exceeded my expectations for a tutoring service. If Josephine is an example of the type of tutors you hire, then you do a great job of staffing. Thanks again, and I will contact you again if the need arises! If you have no objections, I will be gladly offer your name & number to friends!”
Robin D.- Austin, TX
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“The services were excellent, because in addition to assisting my son in accomplishing the goals, he gained some better study habits in general.” The tutors were “outstanding”. They were “well versed and experts in everything my son worked on” and if there was a “specific situation where their knowledge may have been limited, they were willing to research it and become knowledgeable enough to help him with it.” P. Moore- Austin, TX

“Tutoring Austin is simply the BEST tutoring service in town. Beth seems to understand exactly what my son needs in order to move forward in his studies. She is very kind and patient and manages to keep him on task no matter what his mood. His reading skills went up 3 grade levels in 12 months. She is worth every penny and more. Thank you Beth!!!” Russell M.- Austin, TX

“Beth is very thorough and understands how to get children engaged. She understands the big picture of teaching kids the skills that they will need to carry them through their education.” Kelley N.- Austin, TX

“Just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with Erica’s services. As you know, Caleb attended (national competitor) and we were not happy with their the results. The big difference was the individual attention that Caleb received. In addition, it was not limited to two subjects (math & reading) like (national competitor). You provided a tutor that did it all and more! Caleb has come a long way in a short time. “ A. Garza- Austin, TX


“Beth Thornton brings thoughtfulness, experience, and pragmatism to the classroom. With faith in each students’ ability to achieve, she is able to get them where they need to be–where they have the potential to be–with solid instruction, work, and understanding.” Stacia Bowley – Austin, TX

“I met Beth in March of 2004 when I started teaching at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School. She immediately made me feel welcomed and guided me through that shaky time of a new teacher. I believe that this is one of her greatest strengths. She truly believes in collaboration, and her abilities as a leader as well as a follower make her shine in every situation. During our time teaching the Ramp Up America’s Choice program for lower level readers, Beth utilized books that were not in the per-scribed lessons. The literature she chose was more difficult and better suited the high school classroom than Ramp Up’s choices. In turn, these students did struggle, but ultimately soared and made a smooth and successful transition to a regular tenth grade classroom. Also, many of Beth’s lower level students went on to pass the English Regents, receive their high school diplomas and go onto college. ” Marla Karaliolios – New York, NY

“Mrs. Thornton showed such dedication and devotion as a teacher. We worked together in New York from 2003 to 2005 at JKO High School. She really tried to ensure that each student succeeded. She made students feel special, and that made them want to do well. She worked with students of all levels, ranging from students with high needs to bright AP students. Mrs. Thornton was able to make her students strive for the best, and she gave them confidence and helped them build the skills that they needed to do well.” Emilie Marshall – New York, NY


“Beth is one of the most talented and dedicated tutors there is. Not only is she organized, qualified, and confident, she is also always prepared for the lessons beforehand. She is observant and patient so she can spot your weak areas. Then she carefully crafts out lesson plans that perfectly challenges you in your weak areas. As a result, she helps you along the way to shape up and improve. I personally stayed with Beth for a little over a year for English and writing tutoring. At the end she also helped me with college essays. My SAT score shot up from a 2170 to a 2310. I got a 5 on my AP Eng & Comp. AND I got into all sorts of Ivy Leagues and equivalents–Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Stanford just to name a few.” Lucy W. – Austin, TX
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“Mrs. Thornton has this thing about her that makes you feel confident about yourself and what you’re doing. She will inspire you to do your best and never give up on you. I won the 2007 Jack Kent Cooke scholarship because of her help with my essay writing and organization!” A. Nieto – Austin, TX

“I took AP English Language (a class reserved for juniors at my school) as a sophomore in 2004. My peers had a year’s worth of preparation that I didn’t have, so I was scared about local examinations, in addition to the AP exam. Mrs. Thornton gave us great tips, test-taking lessons, vocabulary practice (that, surprisingly, wasn’t at all tedious), and tons of personal attention. She even went a step further and helped me hone my writing skills to develop a lucid, unique voice as a writer.” K. Cornejo – New York, NY

“I was failing my math and living skills classes. Mrs. Thornton helped me to raise my grades so that I could pass my classes, and I was really proud. She helped me to learn both how to get organized and how to communicate with my teachers.” D. Hogan – Austin, TX

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